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Nestled in the heart of Bethesda, Maryland, our hospital has been a beacon of compassionate pet care since the 1930s. Our services are provided by our dedicated team of veterinarians and a legacy of family ownership that spans decades.

At Kenwood, we believe in a holistic approach to veterinary care that honors the triad of our community: Pet Owners, Our Staff, and the Pets we love. Each plays a pivotal role in the vibrant ecosystem of care we cultivate. We strive to make a positive impact on everyone who walks through our doors, ensuring that every visit is met with the highest levels of kindness, respect, and professional care.

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The doctors here are always amazing when it comes to my accident prone pup. Couldn't be more thankful having Kenwood as my vet!


For decades, Kenwood has been the epitome of compassionate, competent pet care. (We've often said that, with regard to our own health care, we could almost wish that we are dogs!)


A good veterinary hospital. I like all the docs we've seen over the last couple years. The vet techs are very friendly and good with our animals. The front desk staff are good and if you have a problem that needs to be attended to sooner than they have a regular appointment they try to fit you into a cancellation slot.


We always like them, but today had an urgent issue and we really appreciated their attention to our pup. Pup is already relieved and her parents are super grateful to Kenwood.


Dr Dougherty has had a very special place in my heart for many years. She cared for my recently found little dog who was having seizures. I was beside myself and called about every fifteen minutes. I moved away and returned several years later. Unfortunately my little guy was declining with kidney disease from old age. Dr Dougherty was so very kind to me and Buddy I will forever be grateful. She was pulling for him and gave him vitamin b shots and did everything possible for him. She kept a tiny Velcro muzzle for him because he didn't like shots. So I can't ever thank Dr Dougherty for taking us back years later when he was sick. Her kindness was wonderful. I wish I could find a way to thank Dr Dougherty for helping us. She was the kindest most knowledgeable vet I have met. I always remember how she helped me and my little dog and supported me when his time was over. He was my family.


Our golden got into some gum and consumed a lot of Xylitol, we brought him in 30 minutes before they were closing and the staff welcomed us in and took amazing care of our boy and us. All the staff were extremely welcoming and nice, and stayed after hours to finish the great care on our pup. Would definitely recommend Kenwood Animal Hospital to a friend, nothing but great things to say about our experience!


I love Kenwood! I highly recommend the veterinary practice as well as the doggie daycare/boarding. I always feel confident my dog is getting the best care and well looked-after in my absence.


Really loved this vet. I recently moved to the DC area and needed to find a new vet for my 10lb dog so she could have a regular checkup and get her annual vaccinations. They did have to call me to reschedule my original appointment because of availability of their vets, but the team was super kind and accommodating- they got me in sooner because of the reschedule, which was impressive. I feel that Kenwood Animal Hospital is truly a great place for my pets. The staff is caring and they are also reasonably priced. Kenwood also has parking right out front, so that was easy too! Highly recommend this place and Dr. Champa!


Kenwood is a fantastic vet. They are very caring for our dog and very knowledgeable when it comes to our dog. They are very informative with each visit, and the puppy plan ended up being a great option and price!! I would recommend anyone in the area take their dog to Kenwood, you will be very pleased.


Dr. Talbott has been great with my cats. One was very sick for a couple weeks and we had a very hard time figuring out what was going on and he required several ER visits. Dr. Talbott was quick to respond to my questions in email or with a phone call. I think one day I talked to her 3 times. She was amazing throughout the whole process and helped quell all my fears and and answer all my questions.


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