Euthanasia/End Of Life Care

Euthanasia/End Of Life Care

Euthanasia/End Of Life Care

Honoring Your Pet’s Remarkable Life

Losing a cherished family pet is one of the most difficult experiences. At Kenwood Animal Hospital, we view it as a privilege to guide you through this journey with compassion, respect and gentle care – just as your pet has always deserved.

Comprehensive End-of-Life Planning

Saying goodbye is never easy, but careful planning can ease some of the distress for you and your loved ones. We encourage all pet parents to thoughtfully consider and discuss:

  • Home euthanasia services for a peaceful passing in a familiar environment
  • Individual or communal pet cremation options
  • Special burial arrangements in our serene memorial garden
  • Paw print impressions and locks of fur to memorialize your pet
  • Support groups and bereavement resources

Our veterinary team will sensitively explore all options and make recommendations tailored to your needs. We’ll answer every question to help you move forward with certainty during this profound transition.

Hospice and Palliative Care

For pets reaching the end stages of terminal illness, we offer tender end-of-life care focused entirely on comfort and quality of life. Our at-home hospice services allow beloved animals to remain surrounded by familiar smells and sounds. We’ll collaborate closely with your family vet to provide medications and therapies that ease pain and anxiety during cherished last days.

Honoring an Extraordinary Bond

The love between pets and their guardians is like no other. At Kenwood Animal Hospital, it would be our privilege to celebrate the singular spirit of your animal companion – while being there for you every compassionate step of the farewell journey. Please call us anytime to learn more about our hospice services and thoughtful planning for an honorable goodbye.