Staff of Kenwood Animal Hospital

Sharon L. Lentz, Practice Manager

<? echo $title; ?>Technician Training Supervisor Sharon Lentz, RVT, VTS (ECC) helps ensure that the technical staff at Kenwood Animal Hospital are on top of cutting edge skills. Sharon develops and implements protocols that guarantee the highest standard of patient and client care. Not only does she help create the protocols that make our clients’ and patients’ experiences great, she educates our staff on a continual basis to make sure the best practices and procedures are followed.

The aspect of her job that Sharon likes best involves patient care. Sharon loves interacting with our clients and their pets, and is always happy to provide education about the latest knowledge and cutting-edge advancements in the field of veterinary medicine. She offers an advanced level of training and experience in veterinary emergencies and critical care medicine. Her passion for patient care goes unrivaled.

Before joining Kenwood Animal Hospital in July of 2016, Sharon worked hard to obtain the high-level expertise she possesses today. She got her start in the veterinary field beginning in her senior year of high school through a cooperative education program. After graduating from St. Petersburg College with a focus on Registered Veterinary Technology, Sharon moved on to submit a qualifying application and certification exam as a Veterinary Technician Specialist by the Academy of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Technicians in 2016; joining an elite number of less than 500 individuals worldwide with the credential of VTS (ECC). Following this endeavor, Sharon has served on the AVECCT Exam committee, where she has written, edited, and proctored the exam in an official capacity. In 2017, Sharon became certified in Basic and Advanced Life Support through Cornell University and joined the RECOVER Initiative (Reassessment Campaign on Veterinary Resuscitation) as a sub-committee co-chair. Her involvement with this collaborative project involving over 100 board-certified veterinary specialists from around the world has helped redefine and improve the outcome of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in veterinary medicine.

At home, Sharon hosts a veritable menagerie of pets. She owns Quarter horses, American Paint horses, and three miniature horses. Sharon also looks after 4 dogs, Mac, Nash, Millie, and Mabel; as well as 8 cats, all of whom came from previously feral environments. She also shares a special bond with a handful of avian housemates: Ben and Jenny, her adopted African Grey Parrots, and Porky, a Blue Crown Conure. When she’s not busy taking care of pets here at Kenwood and back at the homestead, Sharon enjoys horseback riding, attending veterinary continuing education events, advancing her skills, knowledge, and abilities in veterinary practices, and spending time with her family while making lasting memories.

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Bonnie Bivens, Client Services Manager

<? echo $title; ?>If you’re a client of Kenwood, then chances are you’ve met our Client Services Manager Bonnie. A fixture here at Kenwood for the last 12 years, Bonnie exemplifies the “heart” of Kenwood- exuding sincere joy, friendship, and compassion for our patients as well as their human guardians.

When she’s not hard at work here at Kenwood, Bonnie likes to spend time with her family, including two cats and a roly-poly pittie girl named Misty. She loves to read, go to the movies (especially scary ones- she and her daughter are big fans), and take walks. She also really loves sleep, and her husband’s home cooking (we’re all quite jealous of her daily gourmet lunches). Bonnie is very close to extended family in Pittsburgh (including being an avid Steelers Fan), but her immediate family is here in the Washington Metro area, where she grew up.

Fun fact: Bonnie has worked as a veterinary receptionist since the age of 14! Following in her mom’s footsteps, her daughter Ashley has volunteered in various capacities here at Kenwood whenever she had time around her school schedule, and now works with us seasonally in our boarding kennel. (And we know, it’s hard to believe Bonnie could have a teenaged daughter!)

One last tidbit about our Bonnie: Yes, she really is that cheerful ALL the time. 😊

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Julius C Fowler, Boarding and Facilities Manager

<? echo $title; ?>With 30 years of experience working with animals, Kenwood Animal Hospital's Boarding and Facilities Manager Julius Fowler is well equipped to handle the many challenges of his dual role. "The doctors and staff at Kenwood Animal Hospital are truly exceptional people," he says. "They deeply care about the well-being of all animals - not just the ones we serve. They go above and beyond when it comes to the welfare of a pet."

At home Julius has a Chihuahua named Jerome and a cat named Thunder.

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Patrick Dougherty, Business Manager

<? echo $title; ?>Patrick Dougherty joined Kenwood Animal Hospital as Business Manager in January of 2018. You may recognize the last name, as he is Dr. Katy Dougherty’s middle son. With a background in business and inventory management, Patrick’s goal in joining our Kenwood team is to provide a continued family presence, and a fresh perspective to help the practice grow and continue to thrive for years to come.

“Kenwood has a dedicated and loyal staff. They truly care about our clients and their pets. Everyone here strives to create the best possible experience for any pet that comes through the door. I’m excited to be a part of that experience."

Patrick graduated from Lehigh University with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and is currently pursuing his MBA at American University. In his spare time, Patrick is quite the outdoorsman- and enjoys hunting, as well as hiking with his wife and their Golden Retriever, Bear. He also enjoys working on cars (he and his father both love a good car show!) and watching the Washington Redskins.

Best of all- that big pickup truck in the parking lot? That’s his- and yes, he would be HAPPY to help you move this weekend!

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