Surgery Consent Form

Surgery Consent Form


I am the owner or agent of the pet described above, and have the authority to execute this consent.

I authorize the personnel of Kenwood Animal Hospital to perform the treatment/procedure(s) described below. I have been informed of the reasons for the treatment/procedure(s), along with the expected benefits and risks involved.

I understand that there are certain risks to anesthesia that could involve serious bodily injury or death and that these risks are present in any procedure that requires a general or intravenous anesthetic. I consent to the use of anesthesia.

I understand that unforeseen conditions and abnormalities may be revealed during this procedure which may not have been apparent hitherto, and therefore may not have been included as part of my pet’s procedural estimate.

Please review and initial one of the options below. We recommend that you discuss these options with your veterinarian and/or the surgeon performing today’s procedure.

Treatment Consent

I understand the benefits of microchipping.

Would you like your pet to be microchipped?(Required)

I understand that Kenwood Animal Hospital is not staffed 24 hours a day, and my pet will not have overnight medical supervision.

I have read and understood this consent form. I realize that the results of this procedure cannot be guaranteed. I understand that estimates of costs are a best effort to predict costs surrounding this procedure, but cannot be provided with complete accuracy and/or detail. I consent to the proposed treatment/procedure(s) described above.

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