Fur Real Blog - "Welcome" August 2018

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Hey everyone! My name is Elizabeth and I am a veterinary technician here at Kenwood Animal Hospital. This is my first attempt at a blog! Every month I will be talking about a new topic that has to do with our furry family members: things like nutrition, how to crate train your puppy, socialization, and much more! Some of what I will be writing about will come from personal experience, from research, the veterinarians here at the hospital, and from you, our clients. What are some topics you want to learn more about? Thinking of getting a new pet? Training your new pup? What to expect from your visits to the hospital?

So, a little bit about me. I am a native of Montgomery County, growing up in the Bethesda – Chevy Chase area. I graduated from Tech school in York, Pennsylvania in October of 2016 and finally moved back home to Montgomery County. After my externship I finally found a hospital that I really love. Whether it’s the doctors, the other techs, or the clients and patients, I know I have found the best place to work and grow in my career. And now I have a new credit to add to my resume: Blogger! Can’t wait to get started and to hear from everyone!

You can reach me at: Emiranda.kenwood@gmail.com

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